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Online JavaScript minifier and compressor serves the community for a long time with its service which enables the user to compress JavaScript Code online. You can simply pass your JavaScript codes into the first box above and our service will minify your code on the fly! Enjoy our hosted solution which can handle even Megabytes of code and compress it for you. Js Min Online uses backend server resources to bring you the result in milliseconds.

Reduce server load with this tool

Server load speed is a significant indicator of the quality of your web site. Reducing the amount of data which is sent from your server to the end user, you'll not only satisfy the search engines but you will also satisfy your users. Especially mobile users will notice a difference when you only use ressources which are minified!

Use our bulk minifier

Got many files you want to minify at once? Here is the solution:<yoururl>
With this simple URL you can query our server directly for the minfied files. Try our test of minifying test.js here:
Don't forget to urlencode the URL you are passing. For example:<?php echo urlencode("<your url>"); ?>

Increase your pagespeed score

Run the test speed for your website on this URL and check out how many points you get now from Google. After minifying your files with this site and storing the minfied JS files on your server you can run the test again and see an increased amount of points for your site. That will also cause your web page to appear higher on search engine result pages (SERP's)!

Insights in page speed

5 other ways to reduce page load time

1. CSS minifying can also reduce the load time of your web site. It depends on the size of your original CSS files that are served everytime when someone opens your site.

2. Reduce the image size of all images on your web site. This can be done with simple JPEG or PNG compressor tools on the web.

3. Use CSS sprites when using CSS sprites you can reduce the amount of images being loaded on your site. This technique can have a huge impact on performance for your site. The more images you pack into one image, the faster your site will load. Keep in mind to compress this single sprite image the best way you can to reduce the size of it.

4. Move your JS und CSS files down of your site's HTML code. The best practice would be to load all ressources on the end of the site. That way browsers can start render your site at a very early state.

5. Above the fold content should have it's own inline CSS declarations in the <head> section of your page. That way, the browser can render your above the fold content and show the website immediately to the user.


JavaScript packer online

The best way to boost your website is to pack all needed JavaScript files into one file. The same applies to CSS files. As stated above, you need to bring the "above the fold" CSS Codes of your site into the <head> section. An absolute no-go is to place Styles directly on Elements in your HTML Code. Please avoid to use the "style" attribute, which will be surely banned in the future.